Balancing the Stool: Introducing Ariel Robinson

July 16, 2018 Matt Beland 0 Comments

Ariel Robinson recently joined our team at Smooth Sailing Solutions as a consultant and policy strategist. Her background in cognitive science and linguistics, coupled with her experiences in policy development and training, make her a fantastic resource in helping companies develop more effective cultures of communication and inclusion.

And I can hear what you’re thinking – how does that fit with an information security consulting company?

Those of you who’ve heard me talk about security programs at a high level have probably heard me use the analogy of the three-legged stool.

What we want from a stool is something solid and supportive at the right height to be comfortable. What’s unique about a three-legged stool is that it’s always stable, even if the legs aren’t exactly the same length. It might not be perfectly level, but it won’t rock.

More legs and it always ends up with a wobble because one leg isn’t quite even. Less, and it isn’t really a stool anymore.

Like a stool, information security systems depend on three legs – technology, culture, and process. So network firewalls and security patches, yes, but also – and more importantly – people. People who can detect suspicious email. People who can validate visitors, online or off. People who build products and maintain systems and handle finances. And people who know how things are done, how they should be done, and what to do when something isn’t right.

This means people who trust their coworkers and bosses, who know they’re trusted and valued, and who know when they can speak up and how to do it.

In our world today, most organizations have solid technology legs, and even when it falls short there are many tools and resources available to fix it. Process? Culture? Those tools are harder to find.

Which brings us to Ariel. Through her work in communication and policy development, she can help your organization build the kind of culture that levels out that three-legged stool.

Whether it’s workshops on effective and authentic communication, or building the kind of policy and process that keeps your organization growing in the right direction, Ariel is the right resource to have on your team.

Which makes her a perfect fit with Smooth Sailing Solutions, and an integral part of our solution to navigating the modern world of information security.

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